5 ways to make your aligners more comfortable

SmartSmileCo clear aligners are cut and polished to your gumline so are significantly more comfortable than other aligners. However, occasionally you may experience some discomfort, they are after all moving your teeth!

Follow these tips to alleviate any discomfort you may experience.

1. Progress to the next set of aligners before bed

The most pressure on your teeth after progressing to the next aligners is immediately after placing your new set in. In this regard, if you are sleeping while you teeth are experiencing most pressure, this will reduce discomfort you experience. Night-time aligners are ahead of the game in this regard!

2. Use your Chews

smartsmileco dental chews

The Chews will help your teeth move to their new position. Many find they help relieve the pressure in the few days after progressing to the next aligners.

3. Use your emery board

Rarely, there may be a corner that puts pressure on your inner cheek. Lightly polish the point causing irritation. Be sure to file in the same direction so no new rough edges are created.

4. Use dental wax

Grab some dental wax from the chemist, and place a small wad in your aligner where you are feeling particularly sore. Wax cushions the aligners against your teeth to help you adjust to wearing aligners. Make sure the aligners are dry when applying the wax so it remains in place.

5. Something cool

An icypole, a smoothie or similar should help soothe your sore mouth. It’s also a nice reward, but remember to remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than cool water!

If you need prolonged cooling relief, try an ice pack wrapped in a towel against the outside of your cheek.

Otherwise consider paracetamol for a short period.

Some words of encouragement: Eye on the prize

Don’t stop wearing your aligners. Think about how much you will be smiling at the end of your treatment. If you stop wearing your aligners for a day or two your teeth may not fit in the clear aligners as well once you start wearing them again and extend your discomfort.

Reach out to us

If you are overly concerned, reach out to us. We can help provide assistance and get you through the challenging time. Remember any discomfort is only temporary, and it’ll all be worth it.