Address your dental issues before commencing SmartSmileCo

dental issues

Make sure any underlying dental issues are addressed prior to commencing your teeth straightening with SmartSmileCo. Once you start treatment you have been provided custom clear aligners that have been manufactured to precisely fit your current teeth shape and position throughout your treatment, which may be up to a period of 12 months. So if a dental condition arises that needs immediately addressing mid-treatment, this may affect how your aligners fit and have unintended affects to your treatment plan.

The key is to make sure you resolve underlying dental issues prior to commencing your treatment, to ensure your teeth are healthy and you’re unlikely to experience problems during treatment. 

Visit your local dentist as part of your standard oral health regime

You always want your teeth to be healthy but you’ll especially benefit from no issues arising clear aligner mid-treatment. To do this, maintain regular check-ups and cleanings with your local dentist, before and during treatment. They will check for any concerns, such as gum disease, and manage any dental work you may need.

Dental work such as crowns and fillings, often used by dentists to deal with general wear, cavities or cracked teeth, can affect how aligners fit. Get these treatments managed before starting with aligner treatment.

Wisdom teeth

The impact of wisdom teeth for each person is difficult to predict and every mouth is different. Get guidance from your dentist as part of your regular check-ups on how they are best managed for you. It is common that even if they aren’t causing an immediate issue, many dentists recommend removing them because of the scope for them developing issues throughout the mouth such crowding, bite issues, periodontal disease, inflamed or bleeding gums, and cavities. If your local dentist recommends to remove them, you should do that before starting your SmartSmileCo treatment.

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