Do Home Teeth Straightening Kits Work?

do home teeth straightening kits work

If you’re considering correcting your crooked or gappy teeth, you may be wondering, ‘do home teeth straightening kits work?’. Well, the answer is absolutely. They can work wonders. But, sadly, they’re not suitable for everyone.

Home teeth straightening kits are a cost-effective and highly convenient way to get your perfect smile. If your straightening needs are mild, moderate, or even relatively severe, SmartSmileCo can help you achieve that insta-worthy grin. But if your teeth alignment needs are highly complex, you’ll probably need the help of a traditional brace and in-person orthodontic treatment with close, regular monitoring.

Are Home Teeth Straightening Kits Safe?

You may choose to sort out your smile with clear aligners due to gaps, overcrowding, protruding teeth or an overbite. But, before you do, you’ll need to find out if at-home aligners are suitable for your needs.

Luckily, at SmartSmileCo we make this super easy for you. Simply start your free online consultation whenever you get a chance. And one of our experienced orthodontists will let you know if you’re a candidate for our clear aligners.

But do home teeth straightening kits work safely?

When planning to straighten your teeth, it’s critical to ensure you get the proper treatment — because the wrong treatment can result in damaged teeth. Not the look you’re trying to achieve. But don’t worry, at SmartSmileCo we’ll always let you know if our at-home aligners aren’t the correct orthodontic treatment for your case.

In-Person Teeth Straightening vs At-Home Teeth Straightening

Whether you should straighten your teeth at home or opt for in-person orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of your alignment issue and what’s most important to you personally.

At SmartSmileCo we offer an at-home or in-practice option for you to get started. And if your case is complex, your treatment plan may well include some in-practice visits along the way. See our 2 options on our appointment page.

The Benefits of At-Home Aligners

There are loads of reasons to love at-home aligners, but here are our top four:


Teledentistry is much kinder to your bank balance. Straightening your teeth at home is considerably more cost-effective than opting for an in-practice programme. With at-home aligners, you can upgrade your smile and still book that much-needed break.


If you choose at-home aligners, you won’t need to find the time to trek over to your practice for regular appointments. No more sitting in traffic or wasting your time in waiting rooms.


Getting started with SmartSmileCo at-home aligners is a super easy and speedy process — much quicker than booking and waiting for an in-practice appointment. With SmartSmileCo. your treatment plan will be approved by an experienced orthodontist in just 3-4 days. And just 10 days after approval, you can expect your clear at-home aligners to land in the post. Just like that, you’re ready to start straightening.


Your custom-made SmartSmileCo aligners will be made from the best quality and most transparent aligner material available. Equally as effective as ceramic or metal braces, your virtually invisible, clear aligners will be barely noticeable.

Do Home Teeth Straightening Kits Work in the Long Term?

At-home clear aligners can be an excellent choice for your wallet and your well-being. But do home teeth straightening kits work in the long term? Or do teeth move back over time?

Depending on your case, a retention programme may be recommended after your treatment. This will involve wearing night-time retainers once you’ve achieved your ideal alignment so your teeth don’t shift back.

Did you know many at-home aligner providers charge up to $200 for a set of retainers? But with SmartSmileCo you’ll get one set completely free. Yes, that’s gratis. On the house. Now that’s certainly something to smile about! We also offer a Smile For Life Guarantee, sending 2 sets of retainers to you per year to keep your new smile forever.

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Who Are At-Home Aligners Suitable For?

Our at-home clear aligners will help you straighten your smile, whether your alignment need is simple, moderate, or even fairly complex. That’s why adults of all ages are choosing metal-free, convenient at-home teeth straightening.

For a discreet and cost-effective way to a glorious new grin, you’ll need to be:

  • Old enough to (legally!) enjoy a cold beer
  • Have a dental alignment need that isn’t highly complex
  • Have all-natural gnashers
  • In good dental health & have paid your dentist a visit over the last six months
  • Prepared to follow your treatment plan as instructed
  • On a mission to achieve a sensational smile

Who Isn’t Suitable for At-Home Aligners?

Do home teeth straightening kits work for those with implants, crowns, veneers, or bridges?

In most cases, you’ll need to be rocking all your own teeth. Previous dental work can limit the effectiveness of a clear aligner. And may mean your aligner won’t be able to attach as it should.

Do at-home aligners work if you have significant gaps or extremely rotated or crowded teeth?

If your dental alignment need is extremely severe, a clear at-home aligner on its own won’t create the movement you need to shift your teeth into the perfect position.

But don’t panic, SmartSmileCo may still be able to help you straighten your smile. Should your case be complex, you’ll possibly need in-practice visits during treatment planning and throughout your straightening journey too.

What about existing dental issues? Do home teeth straightening kits work for those with tooth decay or gum disease?

You’ll need to get any tooth decay or gum disease under control before starting the teeth straightening process, as decay and gum disease can cause your teeth to become unstable. Wearing an aligner puts gentle pressure on your teeth to move them, so if your teeth are unstable, your treatment is likely to be unpredictable and unsuccessful.

Although not for everyone, clear at-home teeth straightening kits do a brilliant job, transforming the vast majority of smiles.

Do your gappy or crooked teeth make you hide your smile? Want to skyrocket your self-confidence with a gorgeous grin? Start your at-home teeth straightening journey today by taking our free online assessment with a SmartSmileCo orthodontist and get ready to stop hiding that smile.

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