We know what it’s like to want a better smile and to dream of the day when you can live without wanting your teeth straightened. That’s why SmartSmileCo Australia is with you every step of the way until you get that perfect, bright, and beautiful smile that you love. Our teeth straightening kits cost more than 70% less than traditional metal braces and other dental aligner alternatives. Read our blog: Teeth Straightening – Is It For You?

Straighten teeth at home or in one of our Australian clinics for $2.20 per day, and they’re guaranteed for life!*. We use premium materials and innovative technology, providing you the smile you’ve always wanted for 70% less than traditional braces. If you have a common orthodontic problem such as an overbite, underbite, gaps in your teeth, or crooked teeth, SmartSmileCo can help you. Our specialist orthodontic treatment uses a series of invisible aligners. Each teeth aligner progressively moves your teeth towards their new position, and it’s guaranteed for life when you continue to care for your teeth. Start today with our Free Online Assessment, learn about our teeth straightening process, and in just a few months you’ll have a smile you’ve always dreamt of. Whether you are looking for an in-clinic or home teeth straightening kit, our team can help you today!