3 Ways to Fix a Crossbite without Braces

fix a crossbite

Wondering if you can fix a crossbite without braces? Well, you most certainly can. Giving your unwanted dental malocclusion its marching orders is absolutely possible without having to wear a mortifying metal brace. So, start your teeth straightening journey today. Say goodbye to your bad bite and hello to your super new smile.

At SmartSmileCo, we love helping our customers kick their crossbites to the curb, improve their oral health and get a brand-new, confidence-boosting grin. Read on to discover how to fix a crossbite without unsightly braces and seriously skyrocket your self-esteem.

What is a Crossbite?

Do your lower teeth sit beyond your upper teeth? If they do, you have what’s known as a crossbite malocclusion. In contrast, a bite without a misalignment should see the upper teeth fitting a touch over the lower teeth. But don’t worry. If you happen to have a crossbite, it can be fairly easily fixed.

Although you possibly feel like the only person in the world with a confidence-zapping crossbite, you’re not. You may be surprised to know that this type of malocclusion is quite common. In fact, around four to five percent of the population has an anterior crossbite.

Types of Crossbites

Your crossbite will fall into either one of these two categories:

Anterior Crossbite

If one, or a few, of your lower front teeth fit over your upper front teeth, you have what’s known in dentistry as an anterior crossbite. This type of crossbite is purely a teeth misalignment issue and not a problem with your jaw.

Posterior Crossbite

If you have a posterior crossbite, your lower back teeth will fit over your upper back teeth.

What Causes a Crossbite?

A few things could be the cause of your crossbite. But your teeth misalignment issue will likely be a result of one of the following:


It’s highly likely your crossbite is hereditary. So, if one of your parents or grandparents has this type of malocclusion, it’s probable you or your children will have it too.

crossbite hereditary


Mouth breathing and childhood habits, such as prolonged thumb sucking, could cause the development of a crossbite.

Tooth Development

A problem with the usual stages of teeth development, such as not losing milk teeth in your childhood or the delayed eruption of adult teeth, could also cause the malocclusion.

How to Fix a Crossbite

For children and young people, crossbite correction will typically involve wearing a metal brace or headgear while the jaw is still growing and developing. Metal braces will gradually align the bite, and headgear can speed up or slow down the jaw’s growth.

Of course, adults can benefit from bite correction by braces too. But most, understandably, don’t want the horror of having to put up with a mouthful of metal for the duration of their treatment. Thankfully, there are other ways to fix a crossbite.

Crossbite Correction for Adults

Fear not. If you’d love to correct your crossbite but simply can’t stomach the metal-mouth look, read on to find out how to fix a crossbite in adults without braces.

Palatal Expanders

If your crossbite is caused by your top jaw not matching up well with your bottom jaw, your orthodontist may recommend palatal expanders. Exactly as it sounds, these fixed or removable expanders will gradually expand the size of your upper jaw, helping your upper and lower jaws fit together as they should.

Dental Restorations

If your malocclusion is mild, dental restorations could be an option. Dental work such as capping, bonding and teeth reshaping can all help improve your mild misalignment issue.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a common orthodontist recommendation for crossbite teeth treatment. Depending on the severity of your malocclusion, clear, removable aligners will gradually adjust the size of your jaw and straighten your crooked or crowded teeth.

Clear, plastic aligners give great expansion control, allow for much better oral hygiene during treatment and are considerably more comfortable than metal or ceramic braces. So it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice with both dentists and patients.

clear aligners crossbite

Why Correct Your Crossbite?

From improving your oral health and avoiding future dental problems to increasing your self-esteem and getting a sensational, perfectly aligned smile, there are lots of reasons to fix a crossbite:

  • Better oral health
  • Boost your confidence
  • Avoid potential tooth damage from teeth knocking against each other
  • Prevent cavities and gum disease
  • Avoid TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder)
  • Prevent toothaches, headaches, and jaw pain
  • Eliminate chewing or biting pain
  • Rid yourself of any speech issues, such as a lisp

Look After Your Teeth

Whether you have an anterior or a posterior crossbite and whatever treatment option you decide to go for to fix it, don’t forget to look after your teeth.

During any orthodontist treatment, maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene is super important. Bacteria can cause tooth decay, bad breath and even gum disease. So remember to take extra care of your teeth during your dental treatment for a straight, cavity-free smile.

Correct Your Crossbite at Home with SmartSmileCo

Ready to get rid of your confidence-draining crossbite?  Not sure if your crossbite can be corrected with a clear aligner? Finding out and getting going is easy:

Step 1

Start your free online assessment with SmartSmileCo today. Simply send over some snaps of your teeth, and we’ll let you know if a clear aligner will correct your crossbite.

Step 2

Order your impression kit online, follow the instructions and return the impressions you take of your teeth to us. Your full 3D visualisation will then show you what your pearly whites will look like without your crossbite.

Step 3

Once your plan has been approved by an orthodontist, you can expect to receive your treatment plan and clear aligners through the post in just ten days. And you’re ready to get started.

Step 4

Once your treatment is complete and you’ve got a gorgeous new grin, get out there and show it off.

Is your crossbite malocclusion causing headaches, biting pain, or killing your confidence? Want to fix a crossbite without wearing a mortifying metal brace? Start your crossbite correction today by completing our free assessment and get ready for a sensational new smile you’ll love.

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