Follow Sarah’s Countdown to her Wedding and Best Smile~

Sarah’s ‘I Do’ is set in 12 months. This is Sarah’s story to be stunning for her big day

Sarah’s proposal was perfect, Noah went out of his way to show her how much he adored her. Sarah admits that Noah is not a romantic but for this he went all out, complete with him going down on one knee. Sarah was excited and as a natural planner, knew it was time to start planning her wedding. The to do list grew with many of them focused on self-improvement to make sure she was as perfect as the day she was planning. Sarah started to grow her hair and exercised in the morning. Sarah knew she wanted to improve her smile. Her desire for straight teeth had played on her mind for years but now knew that it was time given the prospect of the walking down the aisle and her having wedding photos.

With a keen eye on costs, that for a wedding could easily balloon, she chose SmartSmileCo.

Sarah has shared how she got her perfect smile in time for her wedding to help others organise their perfect smile amongst all the other tasks required to arrange a wedding. Follow Sarah’s steps to get the perfect smile before the big day so you can also confidently smile when you say “I do.”

1 year to the wedding day

It’s time to start getting your perfect smile! You know your fiancé already thinks you’re perfect but you know all eyes are on you and you want to cherish your photos forever, so you want to look your best.

Start: Choose to either:

  1. Visit a SmartSmileCo clinic for a 3D scan of your teeth, or
  2. Order an impression kit so you can make moulds of your teeth from home.

From your scan or impressions, a 3D image of your teeth is created that will be used to make a customised treatment plan. You’ll be able to preview your new smile just a few days after you return your impressions or get a 3D scan.

in clinic teeth straightening

For most treatment plans the treating doctor will require you to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day 7 days a week, but if your case is relatively simple you may be able to elect for Night Aligners that you only wear for 10 consecutive hours each night. While typical customers straighten their teeth in as little as 4–6 months if you start now you needn’t worry about whether the treatment will be complete on your big day.

You preview your 3D treatment plan and see how your teeth progressively improve over the plan, and how your smile will appear on your wedding day.

Order the aligners your treating doctor has prescribed for you, then SmartSmileCo will create your custom clear aligners and ship them directly to you.

11 months before your wedding day

Receive your Aligners. You will receive your aligners in a few weeks after your order.

Order SmartFoam 3-in-1. This makes wearing your aligners a far more pleasant experience. It cleans your aligners, whitens your teeth, and freshens your breath all in one, and it is convenient to carry around with you throughout the day.

Take “before” photos of your teeth. Take some selfies with your phone and use these to see the improvements in your teeth as you progress through treatment. Every fortnight when you progress to your next set of aligners you also should upload a new selfie of your teeth so we can monitor your progress.

Begin wearing the aligners as prescribed as soon as they arrive. They may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but a little pressure is normal. If you have any questions, help is available 7 days a week. Contact us via phone, WhatsApp, or email for any assistance you need.

10 months before your wedding day

Continue wearing your aligners as instructed. If you’re on the 22-hour plan, that’s all day and night, every day, except when you are eating and drinking anything other cold water. If you’re wearing Nighttime Aligners, put those aligners in your mouth a few hours before you go to bed and don’t take them out until you wake up the next morning. Every night – without exception. Progress to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks and upload new photos to your portal every time. Make sure you are maintaining your oral hygiene routine by both brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, as well as cleaning your aligners each time you take them out.

9 months before your wedding day

Show off your smile. Your progress will now start to be noticeable. Ask your friends if they notice how much better your smile looks. Compliments can inspire you to keep wearing your aligners each day.

Push through and focus on the prize. You may experience discomfort, your teeth may feel unusual, or your aligners may not fit as tightly as before. This is expected and normal. Try these suggestions to make your aligners more comfortable.

Enhance your glow to match your teeth. Visit a dermatologist for clear, radiant skin.

7 months before your wedding day

Shop for your wedding clothes. It takes time to find the perfect outfit for your big day and most likely you’ll need to get them altered for a perfect fit. Get your shoes, jewellery, and the accessories that will make your wedding day attire perfect.

6 months before your wedding day

Congratulations! You may very well have completed treatment by now!

Wear your retainers all day and all night for the first 2 weeks. Keep those teeth from moving back again. After the initial 2 weeks, you’ll just have to wear your retainers each night to keep your teeth from shifting back to where they used to be.

smartsmileco clear aligners

Order the Premium Teeth Whitening Kit. Let’s whiten your straight teeth! This kit includes 4 whitening pens and a LED accelerating light. This will be enough to progressively whiten your teeth until your big day. Start using it once a day for 10 minutes for 3 to 4 nights in a row with a week break in between until you have achieved the desired whiteness.

Book your wedding week beauty appointments. Make a date with your hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a manicurist to get yourself stunning.

3 months before your wedding day

Do another teeth whitening treatment. Get that smile even whiter for your big day. 

Keep wearing your retainers. Every night, without fail.

1 month before your wedding day

Retainers. Wear them nightly. Don’t forget.

Get your hair prepped. If you plan to colour your hair don’t experiment with highlights or colour too close to your big day. You also don’t want to get a bad cut too close to the big day either. Try things now so you can change anything you don’t like.

Do a makeup test run. For those wearing makeup, it’s time to choose your colours, decide if you’re wearing eyelashes, and, if so, what length. Get your makeup artist to do you up and take some test photos to see if you like the look.

1 week before your wedding

You’re so close! It’s all under control.

Touch-up your whitening. Your teeth should only require a slight touch up, don’t go overboard.

Get a facial. Get your skin glowing. And stay away from any peels. You don’t want red, irritated skin on your big day.

3 days before your wedding

Get a manicure and pedicure. It should last for 2 weeks, so you’ll look good for your wedding as well as your honeymoon.

Exfoliate and moisturise your face. Keep that glow.

Get plenty of rest.

Drink lots of water.

Be in the moment. Don’t get so busy with the work of the wedding planning that you forget to feel the joy that comes in the days before your nuptials.

The big day

Drink lots of water. Hydration makes you look good and feel good.

Eat a good breakfast. It’s your big day, and you’ll need a good meal to get through all the excitement.

Smile. Show off that beautiful smile you worked so hard for.

teeth impression kit

SmartSmileCo provides affordable clear aligners for a range of orthodontic cases, from simple to complex. Don’t pay a fortune! Give us a call on 0468 388 534 and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Click this link to get your easy, at-home impression kit.

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