How to Get Straight Teeth without Metal Braces?

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Want to straighten your smile and wondering how to get straight teeth without traditional train-track braces? Is it possible to achieve perfectly aligned teeth with a clear at-home aligner? Yes, absolutely. Provided your alignment needs are not too severe, it’s perfectly possible to straighten your teeth without a mouth full of metal. Phew.

At SmartSmileCo, we love helping our customers boost their confidence and achieve their best smiles. A SmartSmileCo orthodontist will be with you on your teeth straightening journey and always there to offer any specialist advice and support you along the way.

Should I Get my Teeth Straightened?

You may be considering teeth straightening for purely aesthetic reasons, or you may be suffering from dental health or general health issues caused by an overbite, overcrowding, and underbite. Whatever your reason, achieving straight teeth can be great for your oral health and will also crank your self-esteem up a notch or two.

A few of the reasons why you may want to straighten your teeth:

  • You have crooked or crowded teeth
  • Your top front teeth protrude over your lower teeth
  • Your jaw clicks when opening or eating
  • You have poor speech clarity due to an uneven bite
  • You grind your teeth due to misaligned teeth
  • You simply want to achieve the best smile for you
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How can You Straighten Teeth?

Once you’ve decided you want to straighten your smile, you’ll likely next be considering how to get straight teeth quickly and cost-effectively.


Having a brace is the most common way to achieve an incredible smile. Fitted tightly to your teeth, braces gently apply pressure to gradually move your teeth into the desired position over time.

Braces are a brilliant solution to correct crowded, crooked or gappy teeth. And work wonders for those with overbites too. Not only effective, braces are adaptable, non-invasive, and relatively comfortable. Used by dentists since the late 1800s, braces have long been utilised as a successful way to a better smile.


An AcceleDent device, coupled with a brace, is another option. The device uses SoftPulse technology to apply additional pressure and speed up the moving of your teeth.


The only other proven alternative to wearing a brace is to have orthognathic surgery. Of course, you’ll only be suitable for this type of orthodontic treatment if your alignment needs are severe and your teeth and jaw cause you significant problems.

During the surgery, teeth alignment is adjusted by moving the position of your jaw. This surgery will take a few weeks to recover from and would only be recommended by your orthodontist if treatment with braces would be difficult or ineffective.

Different Types of Braces

So you’ve decided to take action and straighten your teeth but are now deliberating different braces and how to get straight teeth in the best way for you. Here are the types of braces you can choose from:

Metal Braces

The traditional metal brace comprises archwire, ligature elastic, bonding material, and metal brackets. Metal braces aren’t removable and are fixed to your teeth. The length of time you’ll need to keep this brace on differs, but it can take a few years of metal-brace wearing to achieve your ideal alignment.

Ceramic Braces

Although similar to metal braces, ceramic braces are sometimes preferred to metal as they’re slightly less noticeable than wearing a metal brace. Clear brackets are used in ceramic braces rather than the metallic wires and brackets used in a metal option.

Clear Plastic Braces

Clear plastic braces are virtually invisible and are equally as effective as metal or ceramic options. Clear, at-home aligners also come with the massive upside of not needing any in-person dental visits. Everything is taken care of remotely. So, no inconvenient appointments, no unsightly wires or metal and no need to take a second job just to pay for your teeth straightening treatment. Remote teledentistry is convenient, cost-effective and corrects your smile quickly and effectively.

Your custom-made, clear aligners will gently move your teeth to achieve your ideal smile. Take them out to eat and clean your teeth and wear them with confidence because it’s highly likely that no one will even notice them.

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Don’t be Tempted to DIY

Although it may be tempting to borrow a friend’s old aligner or to fashion your own DIY brace to try and save yourself a few dollars. Don’t. Not only are these dodgy money-saving methods extremely unlikely to work, but you could also cause yourself some serious damage.

When considering how to get straight teeth, leave the paper clips, rubber bands and earring backs in the junk draw where they belong and straighten your teeth with an orthodontist-approved brace.

If you make and use your own DIY brace, having slightly crooked teeth could be the least of your problems. Your homemade aligner could cause:

  • The roots of your teeth to break
  • Cracking of your teeth
  • Weakened enamel
  • Gum damage
  • Sore, painful gums
  • An infection
  • A tooth or teeth to die
  • Extremely painful teeth and gums
  • Teeth loss
  • Your teeth to become more misaligned than they were before

So, step away from the online brace-making tutorials and straighten your smile safely.

How to Get Straight Teeth Safely with SmartSmileCo

Starting your teeth straightening journey with SmartSmileCo couldn’t be easier:

Step 1

Not sure if you’ll be suitable for at-home teeth straightening with a clear aligner? No problem. Start your free online consultation with a SmartSmileCo orthodontist, send over some snaps of your teeth, and we’ll let you know if a clear brace will correct your smile.

Step 2

Order your impression kit online, follow the instructions and return the impressions you take of your teeth to us.

Or if you prefer to be face-to-face with a dentist, book into a SmartSmileCo partner clinic.

We’ll then create a 3D image of your pearly whites and decide what’s needed to perfect your smile.

Step 3

Just ten days after your plan has been approved, you can expect to receive your orthodontist-endorsed treatment plan and clear aligners through the post. And you’re ready to get going. Our experienced orthodontists will be with you whenever you need any advice or support along the way.

Step 4

Once you’ve completed your treatment and achieved the gorgeous, life-affirming grin you love, order your SmartRetainers to retain your super new smile.

And remember, SmartSmileCo treatment is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE*!

Are your crooked teeth making you feel self-conscious? Want to find out more about how to get straight teeth at home with comfortable, clear aligners? Start your smile transformation today with a free assessment and get ready for a brilliant beam you’ll love.

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