‘I have renewed confidence’: Brookie loves his new smile


For the first time in as long as he can remember, Brookie is smiling freely without the nagging feeling about his formally crooked teeth. That’s a great great gift to himself for the New Year!

Brookie chose SmartSmileCo for several reasons: he wanted something straightforward, he didn’t have time to attend regular appointment, and hated the idea of being an adult with metal railways bracers.

‘After reviewing the process on the website, I was confident I could be treated, and ordered the Impression Kit, the process was clear,’ explained Brookie.

Brookie’s teeth were crooked with crowding issues on his the top and bottom rows, and had an overbite. His crooked front two teeth particularly affected his self-confidence.

Before-After Treatment teeth straightening

“I’d find a way to conceal my smile,” he says. He built the habit of smiling with his mouth closed, hoping to hide his teeth.

‘It’s liberating to smile freely’

His upper front teeth particularly bothered him, especially when taking photos. He avoided smiling wide, particularly in photos. Whenever he was asked to smile for the camera, he felt discomfort because of how his teeth looked.

Brookie considers himself an outgoing, joyful person, and he wanted his smile to reflect this. That’s a significant  reason why he decided to try SmartSmileCo.

Secondly, he knew his upper teeth bit over his lowers causing him discomfort when eating, and was pleased to learn this could also be addressed in his treatment. This certainly closed the deal for him on deciding to get treated.

“Now my teeth bite together properly. I’ve absolutely changed how I feel when I smile now. There is no self-consciousness anymore,” he says. “I now don’t think twice about smiling, there is no insecurity, or discomfort when eating.”

Simple communication with the SmartSmileCo

As a man always on the go, Brookie noted that he appreciated the simplicity of SmartSmileCo. “Being able to be manage my treatment remotely was handy. Taking my impressions at home, and submitting my progress in the portal for remote monitoring was very handy,” he says. “Regularly visiting a dental clinic would not have fit into my busy life.”

“I didn’t have concerns about being remote has I knew I could call, write and email, or WhatsApp if I had questions,” says Brookie.

“Everything was very simple,” says Brookie.

“Do it, don’t wait as long like I did. It’s really easy to use and you’ll feel much better for it.”

Loving my smile

SmartSmileCo impacted Brookie in other positive ways too. He is more focused on his teeth and his oral health and hygiene than before treatment. He took advantage of the free whitening pen included with his Clear Aligners, then decided to maintain his whitening and grabbed a Premium Teeth Whitening Kit. This was in addition to being more dedicated to brushing and flossing his teeth after meals.

“Previously I would unaware of how much food remains between your teeth even after a decent brush. It’s placed having a healthier mouth and better hygiene in the forefront of my mind,” he says.

If you’re wondering whether a new smile should be part of your New Year’s resolutions, Brookie says go for it.

“Improved confidence in your smile is a major,” he says, “As someone who loves to smile its made an incredible improvement and the affordability is another thing. I’m loving my smile.”

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