Is SmartSmileCo safe? Sure is!

SmartSmileCo sure seems too good to be true. We save you a lot and provide you a quality product. Your assessment, treatment planning, and treatment is overseen by an orthodontist. SmartSmileCo has been providing a quality product and service proudly providing customers smiles they love without issue since 2018. SmartSmileCo is safe. 

We even guarantee your teeth will be straightened. Our guarantees:

  1. If we identify any risk we can’t deliver you the results you’ll love, we will refund the cost of your Impression Kit prior to starting your treatment.
  2. If your teeth don’t move as planned, you’ll continue to receive treatment for not additional cost.
  3. We guarantee your new smile for life while you continue to care for it. If at any time after your treatment your teeth move out of alignment, we’ll straighten them again at no additional cost.

We don’t guarantee the aligners won’t ache, after all we are moving your teeth. We do provide you several ideas on how best to manage this. However, will are confident our aligners are far more comfortable and convenient than metal bracers.

How SmartSmileCo works


1. Get an assessment

You can start your journey immediately by taking the online assessment. It will assess whether you are an appropriate candidate for treatment by taking the .

The questions take a few seconds to complete and they ask the key reasons you may not be an appropriate candidate.

2. See your new smile

If you’re a candidate for SmartSmileCo treatment, you’ll need to make a 3D image of your teeth. To do this you can either:

  • Grab a Home Impression Kit to take advantage of the convenience of taking impressions at home. Order it online and we will ship it direct to you, or
  • Visit a clinic for a friendly consult and get your scan done there.

teeth straightening impression kit

Our dental team and orthodontists then prescribe the most appropriate treatment for your case and create your 3D plan. You will be able to view how your teeth will move throughout your treatment and importantly how your teeth will look at completion.

  • If you are a Simple case it means you can be treated completely remotely within 4 months, and night aligners are an option, you can choose your preference.
  • Moderate case means you can also be treated remotely, but may take up to 12 months. Night aligners are not an option.
  • Complex case means you need to be treated in-clinic as the tooth movements may require IPR and/or attachments.
  • If your case is a Special case you require additional specialist care to properly treat you, so we are not an appropriate option for your treatment. We will refund the cost of your Impression Kit.

3. Get straight teeth!

You are able to elect to purchase your aligners upfront or with finance. We then use, admittedly very impressive, state-of-the-art 3D printers to make your aligners out of BPA-free, clear plastic. You’ll progress your aligners out every 2 weeks throughout your treatment, as your teeth move into place.

So, can expect to get a red-white-and-blue box in the mail with all your aligners included. The box will also include a teeth whitening pen so your new smile will look even more fabulous.

Each time you progress to the next step in your treatment plan make sure you check-in to your portal and post your photos so we can virtually follow your progress and make sure you’re on track to the smile of your dreams. The dental team are alway available if you have any questions.

Once your teeth have moved and your smile has become all you had hoped, you’ll need to continue wearing your retainers.


SmartSmileCo provides affordable clear aligners for a range of orthodontic cases, from simple to complex. Don’t pay a fortune! Give us a call on 0468 388 534 and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Click this link to get your easy, at-home impression kit.

Take this survey to test whether you are a good candidate for treatment: AM I A GOOD CANDIDATE?