Maintaining Appearances

Your clear aligners will only work if you actually wear them, so to do that it’s important to maintain their cleanliness. Good hygiene makes for a better experience and better health!

Keep it clean

Bacteria loves it warm and moist, just like your mouth… and your clear aligners collect whatever is in your mouth all day and night which can encourage cavities and gun disease. So, take your aligners out when you eat. Our dentists recommend your brush, floss, and rinse your mouth after each meal, and while you are at it give your aligners a brush and rinse too.

If you break the rules and drink something sugary with your aligners still in, get some water, take your aligners out, rinse them, and swish your mouth. Don’t leave sugar in your mouth with your aligners as it is difficult for your mouth to naturally flush your teeth, and damage will result.

Basic steps to maintain your aligners will make all the difference, removing oder and cavity causing bacteria. This will make your experience all the better and you’ll want to wear them.

aligner case

Add it to your routine

You have an oral care routine of brushing, and (we hope) flossing every day. Simply add taking care of your clear aligners part of this oral care routine. Follow these steps every day:

  1. Don’t drink sugary drinks while wearing your clear aligners.
  2. Remove your aligners when eating and store them in your aligner case, then rinse them before putting them back in. If you can, also brush them too. You may like to keep a bottle of the handy 3 in 1 solution on hand to help with this. It cleans, freshens breath and whitens teeth all in one.
  3. Rinse and brush your aligners every time you brush your teeth, morning and night.

smartfoam 3-in-1

Your aligners are essential to getting – and keeping – the smile you love. If you enjoy your treatment experience, you will wear your aligners the way you’re prescribed, 22 hours a day.

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