Teeth Straightening at Home – Is It For You?

teeth straightening at home

Teeth straightening at home with clear braces or clear aligners are the most convenient and cost-effective way to get the super confident smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you have unsightly gaps or crooked teeth, say goodbye to those tight-lipped smiles and hello to glorious, life-loving grins.

No longer just for spotty teens, adults of all ages are choosing to take care of their teeth and look their best by using teeth aligners at home. And don’t worry, the days of train-track traditional metal braces are over; in a matter of months, you can transform your smile with comfortable, clear aligners.

At SmartSmileCo, we love helping our customers get the straight smile they’ve always wanted, but our at-home clear alternative to braces aren’t the answer for everyone. Teeth straightening home aligner treatments are ideal if you want to cosmetically enhance your smile. But it’s not designed for those who need more in-depth dental care.

Why Straighten Your Teeth?

So much more than helping you sport a sensational smile, an at home teeth straightening treatment can help you dodge future dental issues, improve your oral health, and increase your self-esteem. Here are our top three reasons why straight teeth rock:

  • Prevent Future Dental Issues

If your teeth are crooked or overlap (such as an overbite or underbite), your toothbrush bristles simply won’t be able to squeeze their way into every single nook and cranny. Leaving you with hidden pockets where plaque builds up and bacteria runs rampant. Over time, this could result in periodontal diseases and halitosis.

Straight teeth, however, are easier to clean. If you can clean your teeth properly, you’ll reduce any potential cavities and problematic gum disease.

  • Avoid Wear & Tear

If your teeth are twisted or don’t align well, your teeth will move against each other more severely when eating. Over time, this heavy movement can cause premature wear and tear on your teeth, resulting in enamel erosion, discolouration, and teeth sensitivity.

Having straight teeth means you’ll chew properly and help keep your teeth in tip-top condition for longer.

  • Catapult Your Confidence

If you’re embarrassed about your uneven or overcrowded teeth, your discomfort is likely to eat away at your self-esteem. You won’t smile. You won’t get out there and socialise. You won’t put yourself forward for that promotion.

Straighten your teeth without braces at home, and you’ll become a whole new you. Straight teeth can help you start living your best life with your best smile.

teeth straightening before
teeth straightening after

How to Get Straight Teeth at Home

If your dental alignment need is simple, moderate, or even complex, our home teeth straightening kits will help you straighten your smile. Over six to nine months, the virtually invisible aligner will gradually move your front teeth into their ideal alignment and straighten your smile without the need for braces.

If you’re unsure whether you’ll be suitable for our at-home clear braces, you can securely submit photos of your teeth for an expert orthodontist to assess with our free assessment. Your consultation will be completely free of charge.

If you are suitable, you’ll need to order an impression kit. This will contain everything you need to get your 3D treatment plan. From your submitted dental moulds, an expert dentist or orthodontist will then show you how teeth straightening at home can transform your smile and recommend your individual treatment.

Below you can find our impression kit process to receiving your clear teeth aligners.

straight teeth impression kit

Who is Suitable for Our Teeth Straightening Aligners?

For a convenient and cost-effective way to straighten your teeth, you’ll need to be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Have crowding or gaps that aren’t extremely complex
  • In good dental health & have visited your dentist in the last six months
  • Rocking all your own teeth
  • Willing to wear your aligners as instructed
  • Wanting to achieve the best smile you can

Who Isn’t Suitable for Teeth Straightening at Home?

Teeth straightening at home with clear, removable aligners is perfect for most but isn’t for everyone. Here are three reasons why you may not be suitable for at-home braces:

  • Your Dental Alignment Need is Severe

Clear aligners do a brilliant job for those who need minimal to moderate dental alignment. However, if you have significant gaps between your teeth or have teeth that are too rotated or overcrowded, the movement created from a removable at-home aligner alone won’t be sufficient to straighten your smile.

But don’t worry. Even if your straightening needs are pretty complex, SmartSmileCo may still be able to help you sort out your smile. You’ll probably just need to pop along to see a dentist as part of your treatment planning and possibly throughout your treatment too. Why not start your free consultation today to discover if we can help?

  • You Are Not in Good Dental Health

You’ll need healthy teeth and gums before starting your teeth straightening at-home treatment. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, these issues need to be addressed and stabilised before getting started with any teeth straightening.

Starting teeth straightening with gum disease can make your problem worse and cause your teeth straightening treatment to be unsuccessful. Depending on the severity of the gum disease, your teeth may be unstable. Wearing a retainer gently puts pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position, so should your teeth already be unstable, this may result in unpredictable and unwanted tooth movement.

Did you know that having properly aligned teeth is likely to improve your gum health? It’s true. Gums fit more firmly around straight teeth, so goodbye gum disease. And as our clear aligners are removable, you’ll also be able to floss and brush as usual, unlike when wearing a traditional brace.

  • You Don’t Have Completely Natural Teeth

As well as being problem-free, your teeth need to be completely natural. So no veneers, implants, crowns, bridges or replacement teeth, as these can cause issues with the teeth straightening process. If you don’t have all-natural gnashers, you’ll need a face-to-face appointment with an orthodontist.

Although not suitable for everyone, remote orthodontistry is a convenient, cost-effective, and successful way to a killer smile for most people.

Why Straighten Your Smile with SmartSmileCo?

  • SmartSmileCo can accommodate simple, moderate, and even complex teeth-straightening cases
  • While other providers typically take weeks to create orthodontic treatment plans, we’ll review and plan your case in a swift 3-4 days
  • Qualified orthodontists and dental professionals plan and review every case
  • Choose SmartSmileCo, and you’ll benefit from a true 3D plan, which will clearly show the effect that wearing aligners will have on the shape of your whole mouth
  • Unlike other providers, once your treatment plan is approved, we won’t keep you hanging on and waiting to get started. You can expect your SmartSmileCo delivery in just 10 days
  • SmartSmileCo only uses the best material for your aligners. The result? Your aligners will be clearer and more comfortable (also BPA-free plastic)
  • Does your treatment plan include a retainer? Other providers can charge up to $200 for a set of retainers. But with SmartSmileCo, you’ll get these free of charge. Happy days!

Straighten Your Teeth at Home with SmartSmileCo

Are you self-conscious about your crooked or over-crowded teeth? Do you want to say hello to a glorious, life-loving grin? Want a convenient way to straighten your teeth? Get your teeth straightening at home journey going today by taking our free assessment, buying an at home impression kit and taking impressions of your teeth, or booking a consultation and finding out if you’re suitable for our affordable and effective clear aligners. SmartSmileCo treats the broadest range of dental conditions amongst teledentistry providers with options for treatment at home or in clinic treatment, both with remote monitoring by our dental team. SmartSmileCo also takes away your concerns with 7 day access to experts to hold your hand through treatment.

And remember, SmartSmileCo treatment is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE*!