Tempted to wear your aligners less than prescribed?


So you’re progressing well with your treatment, you’re wearing your aligners 22 hours a day every day and progressing as expected to the new set of aligners every fortnight. The improvement in your smile is already noticeable and you’re comfortable with progress. You then consider to…

  1. Wear your aligners for less than 22 hours a day; and/or
  2. Progress through each set of aligners faster than 14 days.

Why not? Reducing the inconvenience and getting it over and done with faster sounds great!

Whoa! Our doctors all strongly recommend against this. The treatment plan that has been customised especially for you and considers many challenging factors to incrementally move each one your teeth at specific speeds and times, so it’s crucial to follow your treatment plan as prescribed.

Here is the detail…

Orthodontics is an advanced science

Moving teeth is a science that has developed over thousands of years, with leaps forward in recent decades after extensive research. It isn’t simple.

Aligner treatment is a highly specialised science that makes precision adjustments to each tooth each with a particular timing and order throughout your treatment.

Our doctors have gained their qualifications after extensive study and supporting 3D scanning, visual and printing technologies have enabled the development of your treatment plan for your teeth. Moving each tooth to a particular position requires the application of a specific pressure over an exact time. How long each set of your aligners is worn is part of the calculation. Self-prescription of your treatment plan disrupts this careful calculation.

Your smile is unique and how your teeth respond to aligners may be different to others. You may have particular clinical concerns the doctor needed to manage when designing your treatment plan.

Want to change your prescription?

If you have a particular requirement to change your prescription reach out to us. We can measure all the relevant nuances of your treatment to revisit your plan. Your teeth are unique and have their own clinic considerations, so don’t rely on your mate Dave’s expertise based on him completing his treatment last year. There’s no way to know if it’s okay for you without consulting the experts at SmartSmileCo.

We make it especially easy to ask us questions. There is no need to make an appointment like at your dentist, just reach out by phone, WhatsApp or email.

Please remember that the SmartSmileCo Treatment Guarantee is void if you go off piste and undertake your own treatment regimen. This means no free additional aligners if you get to the end of your treatment and your smile has not moved to plan.

So stick to your prescribed treatment plan. There is real science behind it. And always talk to the doctor before making any changes. We want you to love your smile so we are always here to help.