The things during treatment that are normal

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These things are completely normal when wearing clear aligners

The world of orthodontics has completely changed since the need to glue on metal railways to straighten your smile. Clear aligners may be almost invisible, but they are don’t always feel invisible — they are after all aligning your smile! These adjustments to your teeth mean you’ll also need to adjust to wearing them.

These are some things that you may experience during clear aligner treatment that are completely normal.

1. Your mouth feels sore

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Aligners apply pressure to your teeth to slowly move them which can feel uncomfortable. Each time you progress with your aligners your teeth will require some time to adjust to the new aligners, however most discomfort should alleviate after the first few days after starting the new set of aligners.

It’s similar to when you try anything new, like a new exercise, your muscles that aren’t accustomed to the new activity and you may feel sore the next day or so. This is same with aligners — you’re doing something new with your mouth muscles and gums and teeth.

Just like the going to gym has a payoff, it’s the same with wearing clear aligners. Read this article for tips on how to make your aligners more comfortable.

2. Your teeth feel loose

It can feel strange to have teeth that feel loose and mobile, however this is completely normal when wearing clear aligners as your teeth are moving to a new position.

Orthodontic treatment can provide unusual feelings. The teeth will settle in their new position and sit tightly again.

3. Your teeth feel … unusual

Your clear aligners are placing pressure on your teeth to move them into a better position, and that can feel uncomfortable. The initial tightness will relax, with most discomfort dispersing after the initial few days after progressing to your new set of aligners. Even without discomfort, you’ll notice the aligners in your mouth at first and it will probably feel a little odd. You’ll get used to it and may forget you’re wearing them after a while.

4. The aligners don’t fit as expected

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If your new set of aligners don’t snap in as expected and fit snugly, try the Chews included with your aligners. The Chews will help your teeth move to their new position and aligners fit tightly. Many find they also help relieve the pressure in the few days after progressing to the next aligners.

Maybe your aligners begin to feel too loose after wearing one set of aligners for a while. That’s usually a good sign that the aligners are doing their job. If you have additional concerns, reach out to our dental team.

5. An edge feels rough

SmartSmileCo aligners are scalloped to your gumline and the edges are polished so there is rarely a rough surface. However, if an edge causes some irritation use your emery board to lightly file that area. File in the same direction to prevent any more rough edges.

6. The aligners cause a little lisp

Again, you may need some time to adjust. Your tongue will get used to the aligners and it will disappear. Others don’t experience and any change to the way they talk at all.

Power through it. Your tongue will quickly adjust, and the lisp go away. Most other people will likely never notice anyway.

7. The anticipation is gruelling

You’ll be excited to get to the end of treatment and share the results. We recommend you track your progress with selfies and watch change the in your camera roll. The wait will be worth it.

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