What Causes a Snaggletooth?

what causes a snaggletooth

If you have a snaggletooth, chances are you’re planning to get it straightened. That is unless you happen to be off to live in Japan, of course. However, while it may be a trendy fashion statement for the Japanese, for most of us, a snaggletooth can be an unsightly embarrassment and a serious confidence drain.

At SmartSmileCo, we love helping our customers straighten their teeth in the most comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient way possible. So don’t let a crooked tooth zap your self-worth, straighten that snaggletooth, and give yourself a great reason to smile.

What is a Snaggletooth?

If you have a single crooked, protruding, recessed or twisted tooth, this is sometimes referred to as a snaggletooth. Basically, a snaggletooth is a single misaligned tooth and having one suggests your teeth are overcrowded.

Luckily for you, a single misaligned tooth is usually straightforward to fix, giving you a snaggletooth-free smile in no time.

What Causes a Snaggletooth?

Having overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth or a narrow mouth roof are most likely why you have a single twisted or crooked tooth. If there isn’t enough space for your teeth to align correctly, a tooth or two will twist or be pushed backward or forward.

Some of the other reasons why you have alignment problems are:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Larger than average teeth
  • Baby teeth lost early
  • Pushing of the tongue against the teeth

What Problems Does a Single Misalignment Cause?

If you don’t have a problem with your one twisted or crooked tooth and your partner thinks it’s adorable, that’s fine. But if it’s ruining an otherwise perfect set of pearly whites and you’re not sure the snaggletooth look is for you, you’ll probably want to fix your snaggle.

Other than for your appearance, you may want to consider straightening your snaggletooth for dental health reasons.

Can a single crooked tooth really cause dental health problems?

Yes, unfortunately, it can. If your teeth are overcrowded or overlap, they’re just that bit more challenging to clean properly. Even with one misaligned tooth, getting your toothbrush bristles between those pesky twisted or overlapping teeth can be a daily struggle. And in some cases, practically impossible.

Without proper cleaning, your wonky tooth and those around it become beacons for bacteria, making you much more likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

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How Can You Fix a Snaggletooth?

Did you know that most people’s teeth move throughout life?

Due to genetics, oral health, smoking or gaining wisdom teeth, you may find your teeth have shifted during adulthood. But whether you’ve had your snaggletooth for as long as you can remember or it just seems to have developed over recent years, here are some of the treatment options to make way for a snaggletooth-free smile:

Metal or Ceramic Braces

Whether metal or ceramic, traditional braces are made up of ligature elastic, archwire, bonding material, and either metal or ceramic brackets. And they’re a big commitment. These traditional braces are fixed to your teeth and aren’t removable until the end of your treatment, so you’ll have to not be bothered by the mouth-full-of-metal look for quite some time.

You’ll usually need to wear traditional braces for at least a year and have regular appointments during this time with your orthodontist for wire tightening.

Seem a little excessive if you’ve only got a single tooth or two to straighten? Possibly.


If you have a tooth or two that’s damaged or slightly crooked, getting veneers for a snaggletooth will likely be an option for you. Porcelain or composite veneers are custom made and will cover your problem teeth.

But veneers are expensive — particularly if you opt for porcelain. You’ll also need to bear in mind that veneers will need to be replaced eventually, as porcelain veneers will only last for up to 15 years and composite just seven.

Tooth Contouring

Providing your tooth is only very slightly protruding or broken, tooth contouring can be an option. During a tooth contouring procedure, your dentist will shave your tooth down. This option isn’t costly, but it can only sort out your smile if you have a very slight snaggletooth.

Clear Aligners

Straightening your snaggletooth with clear plastic aligners is probably the most convenient and less invasive way to straighten your single misalignment. You can even take care of the entire treatment from the comfort of your own home.

SmartSmileCo clear removable aligners are orthodontist approved, as is your treatment plan. So it’s just like seeing an orthodontist in person, without all the hassle of regular visits to their practice.

Clear aligners are an increasingly popular way for adults of all ages to straighten their teeth. And it’s easy to see why so many people choose this option. Clear aligners from SmartSmileCo are:

  • Extremely discreet — virtually invisible
  • Removable — remove your clear aligners to eat, drink and clean your teeth
  • Stain-resistant — eat what you like during treatment
  • Super comfortable — made with SuperClear technology & precision-engineered for maximum comfort
  • Highly-effective — straighten that annoying snaggletooth in just a few months

Want to know more, visit our ‘how it works‘ page.

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The Best Way to Fix a Single Misalignment

The best way to fix your snaggletooth will depend on its severity and the alignment of your other teeth. If your snaggletooth is seriously misaligned, traditional metal braces or clear at-home aligners are both solid options for straightening your smile.

Although, clear plastic aligners easily take the top spot for affordability, effectiveness, convenience, and discretion.

Who is Suitable for Our Clear Aligners?

For a cost-effective and comfortable way to be snaggletooth free, you’ll need to be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • In good dental health & have paid your dentist a visit within the last six months
  • A proud owner of all your own pearly whites
  • Willing to wear your clear aligners as instructed
  • Wanting to achieve a sensational new smile

Read our dedicated blog post here to see if clear aligners are for you.

Straighten Your Snaggletooth at Home with SmartSmileCo

Embarrassed by your crooked tooth? Ready to rid your smile of your unsightly snaggletooth? Want to get a glorious new grin? Start your snaggletooth-straightening journey today by taking our free online assessment or, ordering an impression kit or booking an appointment with a SmartSmileCo orthodontist.

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