What happens once you return your Impression Kit?

teeth straightening impression kit

Well done, you’ve grabbed an Impression Kit and returned your impressions to us, or you’ve visited a clinic for a scan. This is what happens next!

You are well on your way to getting the smile you love. Your journey will look like this:

1. Assessment

Our treatment planning team and orthodontists will assess your case and decide on how to best treat you. The decision is based on the complexity of your case and what is required to give you the best possible result.

  • If you are a Simple case it means you can be treated completely remotely within 4 months, and night aligners are an option.
  • A Moderate case means you can also be treated remotely, but may take up to 12 months. Night aligners are not an option.
  • A Complex case means you need to be treated in-clinic as the tooth movements may require IPR and/or attachments.
  • If your case is a Special case you require additional specialist care to properly treat you, so we are not an appropriate option for your treatment. We will refund the cost of your Impression Kit.

2. We build a 3D model of your treatment plan

Your individualised plan is created and shared with you so you can see exactly how your smile will develop throughout treatment and what your smile will look like at completion. You can opt to pay upfront or elect financing.

 3. Delivered to your door

Your custom clear aligners are shipped direct to your door. We include a whitening pen so your teeth are extra presentable on completion of your treatment. If you are a Complex case you may need to visit the clinic on day one to start your treatment as IPR and/or attachments may be required.

4. Wear your aligners all day and night, except for eating and drinking

It is essential to follow the prescription for wearing your aligners. 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, only removing them to clean, eat, or drink anything other than cool water; or for night aligners 10 hours every night.

5. Track your progress

When you progress to your next aligner check into the SmartSmileCo portal to submit new photos so we can monitor your progress and make sure your smile is moving according to plan. Throughout treatment, if you have any questions we are always available.


Show off your smile once you have finished your treatment plan and make sure everyone knows! You will need to continue wearing your retainers to make sure your teeth stay in the final desired position.

teeth straightening at home

SmartSmileCo provides affordable clear aligners for a range of orthodontic cases, from simple to complex. Don’t pay a fortune! Give us a call on 0468 388 534 and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Click this link to get your easy, at-home impression kit.

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