Why is SmartSmileCo a fraction of the cost of Invisalign and braces?

It’s incredible and you’re the winner. It’s correct, SmartSmileCo is 70% cheaper than Invisalign and braces.1 You get straight teeth AND save. So how does SmartSmileCo get you a new smile that looks incredible for a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives?

  1. SmartSmileCo sells clear aligners directly to you without the need for an orthodontist’s clinic. There is no markup or added costs. This saves you $$$.
  2. SmartSmileCo manages the whole treatment, start to end. You get started with us by getting a 3D scan using an impression kit, or visiting one of the SmartSmileCo Partner clinic. Your treatment plan is prescribed by one of our orthodontists. You are able to see your 3D plan and how your teeth progressively move through your treatment, and, importantly, how your smile looks on completion. We then create and ship your aligners to your door. As we do it all in-house, we can straighten your teeth at a lower cost.
  3. 3D printing technology enables the manufacture of the highest quality aligners more affordably. Innovative technology gives us a competitive edge for custom manufacturing.
  4. We deliver your aligners all at once. Other providers ship aligners intermittently throughout treatment, providing aligners at different intervals, but as we are able to accurately map the movement of your teeth through treatment we can ship all of your aligners at once. This means a significant saving in shipping and packing costs by providing your whole treatment’s worth of aligners at once.
  5. There are no monthly office visits. We monitor your progress remotely throughout your treatment via the patient portal. You upload your photos each time you progress to you next set of aligners and we monitor for any potential issues. Your dental care team are also always available through your treatment if you have any concerns via WhatsApp, phone or email. There is no need to make an appointment as you would need to with a dental clinic.

So that’s it! This is how we save you money.

SmartSmileCo is a smarter, easier, and less expensive way to get the smile you always wanted.

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SmartSmileCo provides affordable clear aligners for a range of orthodontic cases, from simple to complex. Don’t pay a fortune! Give us a call on 0468 388 534 and we’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Click this link to get your easy, at-home impression kit.

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1 “70% cheaper than braces or Invisalign” claim based on Single Pay vs. avg. fees (incl. diagnostics and exams) for braces and Invisalign treatment, as reported by surveys of dentists and orthodontists. Comparison is limited to moderate teeth treatment.