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Night Aligners

Sleep towards a straighter smile with nighttime aligners


Sleep towards a straighter smile with nighttime aligners

Night Aligners from SmartSmileCo are the perfect way to get your teeth straightened without breaking the bank. With our clear, comfortable aligners, you can discreetly transform your smile in as little as three months! Plus, we use advanced 3D printing technology to make sure that each aligner is custom-fitted to your individual mouth shape for maximum comfort and efficacy. So why wait? Get started on a straighter smile today with SmartSmileCo and see results fast. It’s never been easier or more affordable to get the grin you want!

Product features:

Night Aligner Advantages

Prefer not to wear aligners 22 hours a day? Straightening your teeth at night may suit you.


Multi-task while sleeping

Wear them for 10 hours a night and live unrestricted all day.



Treatment that suits your lifestyle.



Where extra discretion is preferred.

What you should know:

It’s not all sunshine and buttercups…

Simple cases only: Night aligner treatment is only available for cases that require minor straightening.

Longer treatment time: Teeth move slower due to shorter daily wear time.

Discomfort lasts longer: Teeth movement will occur over a longer period.

Commitment to consistency: It’s easy to forget to put them in.

SmartSmileCo Treatment Comparison
Night Aligners:
  • 10 hours a night
  • 50% longer treatment time
  • Fits various lifestyles
  • Only treats simple cases.
Standard Aligners:
  • 22 hours a day
  • Remove for eating and drinking
  • Treatment half the time of night aligners
  • All complexities

Clear aligners = 70% less than traditional braces!

Straighten teeth at home or with a dentist or orthodontist in Australia with money left in your pocket. The way it should be.



Single payment

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Simple, Moderate and Complex teeth straightening plans vary in price.

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per fortnight, 30mths. No deposit, interest freeeeee.

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$1999 + $40 setup fee + $8 per month.

All of our treatments include:

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7 days a week dental team support

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Remote monitoring

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Easy payment plan

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Lifetime guarantee*

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What is night aligner treatment?2022-11-07T15:43:49+11:00

Night aligners are simply clear aligners worn at night. They have to be worn for continuously 10 hours a night. Importantly, only minor straightening is appropriate for treatment as major movements with night aligner treatment is difficult to achieve. Treatment is slower than regular clear aligners treatment as they are worn less each day. A challenge many patients experience is remembering to place the aligners in at night as effective night aligner treatment requires consistently.

Why use night aligners?2022-11-07T15:17:40+11:00

By only wearing aligners at night the inconvenience and discomfort of clear aligners can be minimised.

While standard clear aligner treatment is significantly more convenient than permanently attached bracers, some people still find clear aligners a hassle to remove while eating or are concerned about being noticed receiving treatment. Additionally, as straightening teeth can be uncomfortable, some are attracted to the option of sleeping through the worst of it.

However, it is not all positive. Treatment is only available for teeth that require minor straightening with only simple movements being consistently achievable, the treatment time can be more than double, and discomfort actually lasts longer as the teeth are moving for a longer period.

Is night aligner treatment safe?2022-11-07T15:10:33+11:00

Night aligner treatment is only available for teeth that require minor straightening.

If you are interested in night aligner treatment and would like an initial assessment whether it is appropriate for you, send us some photos of your teeth and we can provide you guidance.

It is important that the required treatment prescription of 10 continuous hours of wear every night is consistently followed. If you are likely to forget to wear your aligners before bed, this treatment is probably not appropriate.

How is night aligner treatment different from standard treatment?2022-11-06T23:57:23+11:00

Night aligner treatment is only appropriate for simple cases that only require minor straightening.

Night aligners can straighten teeth with at least 10 hours of continuous wear each night but treatment can take more than double the time.

Some people find that night aligner treatment a necessary convenience when standard treatment does not meet their lifestyle and when it is not necessary to achieve results sooner.

Will my teeth move more slowly with night aligners?2022-11-13T21:12:26+11:00

Night aligner treatment will take longer than standard clear aligner treatment as night aligners are worn for less time each day. Usually it means your treatment will take 50% longer. While our orthodontist carefully designs your treatment to achieve your desired result, night aligner treatment requires the prescription of 10 continuous hours of wear every night to be followed consistently. If you are likely to forget to wear your aligners before bed, this treatment is probably not appropriate.

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